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Clark TST429 PLATINUM Rumperister 6,9 lb-ft/watt

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Clark TST429 PLATINUM Rumperister 6,9 lb-ft/watt

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  • Dome material is high-performance ABS/PBT for long service life
  • Full audio bandwidth capabilities to allow for wide variety of audio applications
  • Low profile design allows for flexible mounting
  • The transducer has full audio bandwidth capabilities to allow for any audio application
  • Wide range of hardware included makes installation less complicated


  • TST429-Platinum shall provide no less than 6.9 lbs per watt transduction force
  • Nominal impedance for the TST429-Platinum is 4 ohms
  • power handling of 160 watts continuous-recommended amp 150 - 250 watts


  • Sound masking - Naval Decryption Centers
  • Sound cancellation - Boeing assembly plant 28db reduction from power transformers
  • Sound transmission - CNN/Sports Illustrated studio on-glass installation for pedestrians to hear broadcasts
  • Car stereo - Better center channel imaging and staging, bass you can feel without the high SPL
  • In-car video - With headphones, or without, games and movies come to life
  • Assisting the deaf - Brentwood Deaf Auditorium - first deaf church in the world to use Tactile Sound
  • Dance floors - Installations to reduce SPL and still create an exciting environment.
  • Live sound monitoring - In-ear monitoring augmentation - Dave Mathews band (see full user list)
  • Commercial and home theater - Adding realism to suspend disbelief while lowering SPL
  • Theme and amusement parks - Theme parks: Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags, etc.
  • Commercial and military simulation - F14, F16, F18a, Bradley Tank, etc.
  • Medical/health and wellness - Physiotones pain relief, cognitive learning, etc.
  • Trade show booths - Adding excitement and realism - General Motors, Claritin